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The Creative Algorithm Pipeline 

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Les Guessing is an Emmy-Award Winning Copywriter/Creative Director and former Creative Director on the Acura National Brand and NFL on Fox. He freelanced in Los Angeles for over 25 years and has worked in every product category in every type of media. Nowadays, he has a lotta love for tech.

He programs in the lingua francas of Data Science and Text Analytics – Python and SQL. His ability to code in those programming languages allows him to scrape data from the web and mine it for useful insights. As a Strategist, he’s able to turn those insights into Creative Strategies and Business Opportunities.

As a Copywriter / Creative Director, he’s able to write and shape content from those strategies.

As a UCLA trained Cinematographer, and editor and After Effects guy, he can create powerful, funny and emotional content from it.

As someone proficient in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and a novice in Python Flask, JavaScript / JQuery and Adobe Animate cc (formerly Flash), he can create banners and interactive, dynamic websites to showcase that content.

As someone with more than a passing interest in Analytics, he can gauge where that content worked and where it didn’t and how it can be tweaked to be more effective.

As a human, he can do a lot on his own but would prefer to collaborate with other people throughout this process.