What I’m offering used to cost millions of dollars. (So you’re getting a great deal:)

When I had the initial spark of this idea (15 years ago), the technology, software and skills required were so expensive, it was only available to Wall Street and NASA. I’m elated that has changed.

I believe I can help frustrated Planners and Marketers say something powerful, even whenbaseball1 there’s almost nothing to say. I believe I can help pitch Creatives slow hangin’ curveballs over the fat part of the plate. I believe I can help companies and agencies create smarter, funnier, more engaging work, while spending less money and fewer soul-crushing rounds to get there.

As a Copywriter / Creative Data Hacker, there are a lot of interesting, valuable things we can do. I also have a lot to learn; the world of data is vast and complex. So I try to adjust my rates accordingly.

I’d love to talk with you about doing a project. I’d also appreciate a chance to talk briefly with the creative folks in your agency about the very basics of Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence. And how they can begin to think about using data creatively in their work – without having to be experts or understanding complicated math. (I’m currently working on a series of short “explainer” videos about that.)

Let’s talk.